Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hi, my name is Liam and I am in 2KM.  Today I am going to tell you about McAdam Park, Barrabool. I wrote this post with my mum and my dad.

My family and I live on a suburban house block, with no space to ride my motorbike.  McAdam Park is a motorcycle park comprising junior motocross track, a full sized motocross track and trials terrain.  When I want to ride my motor bike, I can go to McAdam Park.


Liam 3

The Sporting Motorcycle Club of Geelong (SMCC) has had use of the land at Barrabool since 1962, thanks to the generosity of motorcycling enthusiast, the late Clive McAdam, who passed away in March 2002.
Since the early 1960s there have been many local and national Motocross events held at the McAdam Park.


Liam 1

This is an aerial photo of the Barrabool track used for the Oceania Motocross Championship in 2005.

As well as a venue for major and community events, McAdam Park offers motorcycle riders with a safe place to ride.  On ride days there is always a qualified first aid officer on site.

McAdam Park also plays an important role in helping young riders gain skills needed to ride motorcycles in a safe and responsible manner.

In 2009, McAdam Park was to be sold but offered first to the SMCC, Clive McAdam's and his families' wishes.  The club managed to lobby state and local governments to raise enough money to buy one of three blocks.  With extra money from Motorcycling Australia, the State Government and the Surf Coast Shire the land at McAdam Park was saved.

Liam 2

This is the Big Picture Wall, showing the names of people and businesses that gave money to help save McAdam Park.  My name is on one of the tiles near the top.


I like to ride at McAdam Park, it gives every rider the chance to ride on a motocross track.  The Barrabool track is a lot of fun to ride on.  The first time I ever rode at McAdam Park was on the junior track with my PeeWee 50.  It was a lot of fun.

The Junior track is a great place for children to learn the basics of motocross riding.   After a lot of practice hours, I decided I should try to ride around the big track on my PeeWee50.  I had another rider spot follow me on my first go. It was a little scary, but I did it.

I got interested in motorbikes because my parents bought me a PeeWee 50 for my third birthday.  My parents also bought me all the safety gear, such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads and clothing.  We even fitted training wheels for my first year or so of riding.  One time I was riding my bike around our backyard on my PeeWee 50 and I ran into our trampoline.  My chest hit the pole and it hurt a lot.  This is why it is good to have a facility like McAdam Park.

I love the Barrabool track because the other riders will give you a challenge.  If the track is wet it is even more challenging.  I currently ride a KTM 65cc dirt bike around the track. 


Liam 4

Practising my starts.


Liam 5

Look at me fly!


Here is a link to the SMCC website.

Thanks for reading my post about McAdam Park, see you at the track soon!


Hi, my name is Liam and I have my own blog. In my spare time I like riding my dirt bike, playing my Play Station 3 and spending time with my family.

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